The Awkward Silence

You know that little discomfort you feel when someone walks into the elevator or when you walk into the lift? It gets tense rather quickly, it feels almost hot. You keep your eye on the buttons. You pull out your phone (if you have the space) and pretend to be busy. The elevator is suddenly … More The Awkward Silence

Kifefe and Covfefe

The world woke up to a new word “covfefe” today and Twitter noted that “no words in English end in fefe,” therefore explaining why native English speakers struggled to pronounce it. Ugandans however had no trouble at all; “Kifefe” like covfefe ends in “fefe”. Could Kifefe be the clue to the meaning of covfefe? 😉😃. … More Kifefe and Covfefe

Conversation with a Church Recruitment Consultant

I had an interesting conversation with a stranger this afternoon. This was during my grocery shopping for the weekend. Here is the conversation; Stranger: Hi (a bright smile that exposes a beautiful set of teeth flashes across her face) Me: Hi, how are you doing? (I respond with my best smile-of course) Stranger: Am fine. … More Conversation with a Church Recruitment Consultant

Aching Womb

Image Credit: Xavier Sotomayor My womb aches Sometimes it aches more Sometimes it aches less My womb aches.   I did all things right; Went to university, Met and married a good man Then I was ready to bear fruit My womb aches.   Then I was ready to bear fruit Found a good job … More Aching Womb