Sparkling Skin

Does the richness of my melanin cause you  to implode?
Do you see how my skin sparkles in the light?

Who sets today’s unrealistic standards of beauty? The standards that say lighter is better, huh? Rolling my eyes! Just look at that, look how her skin sparkles! Look how beautiful she is!

Let’s teach them, every single one of them that every shade is beautiful.
Let’s teach them the power of that sparkle!
Empower them to live their best lives, to love themselves and revel in their precious dark skins! In their melanin.

Let’s team them that they are awesome, that they are beautiful-just the way they are, in their melanin.  In their different dark shades!

For all my nieces, nephews, god-daughters and every little black girl out there! 

Black, Sassy & Proud


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