Do you know what you will eat next Monday? What if you did? What if you had a home meal plan, would it make your life richer? Would it help you stick to your diet plan? Would it improve communication with your partner and house help or perhaps would it, in a small way help you achieve your saving and weight loss goals?

Do you know what you will wear to work the whole week before the week even starts? What if you did? Would it give you more reading, meditation, exercise or sleep time in the mornings?

I am sure you have a holiday or two booked already, don’t you? Or at least you have a few possible destinations in mind. Am sure you have a few entries in your calendar, don’t you?

Doesn’t planning what you have control over save time, improve quality and deliver efficiency gains at home? Aren’t the benefits realised at work as well?

Shouldn’t we then conclude that planning the things we have control over gives us more time for the things that are impossible to plan? It gives us time to pursue other interests including interest that are not related to our day jobs? Doesn’t planning therefore make time for spontaneity, fun even?

What do you reckon?

3 thoughts on “Plan

  1. A day has but just 24 hours. So planning is an absolute necessity to get the most of it. And it’s a monumental task if your planning includes others; young children, a spouse and people at work whose thinking and ways may be at a tangent to yours. In fact in can be so frustrating that you need to also plan how to deal with such in your day

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