An Elevator Pitch To A Five Year Old Girl

20171024_165834I just delivered an “Elevator Pitch” to a five year-old girl. It never occured to me that I would have to do this type of pitch before, never.

So, a little girl gets into the elevator and finds me there. Minding my own business as you any one else would.

Little Girl: Looks at me and smiles

Me: I smile back and say hi

Little Girl: Why are you black?

Me: Umm.. that is a very good question!

Me: Before I answer it, can I ask you what you are?

Little girl: Brown?

Me: Why are you brown?

Little Girl: My mummy told me I was white, then I went to the beach for a very long time and became brown

Me: Umm.. okay. (I thought to myself, “did she actually say that? did her mother teach her that rubbish?” )

Me: Would you still like to know why am black?

Little Girl: Yes

Me: I was born black, created black, beautifully black. People are born different; some black, some brown….

Little Girl: Some are pink and white

Me: Umm..Okay

Me: How old are you?

Little Girl: Five, I will be six next year.

Me: You know what? I got to go. You tell your mummy and daddy that you met a black lady who told you that people are born beautiful in their colours, okay?

Little girl: Okay bye. But I want to be like you.

Me: You are beautiful, just the way you are! Never ever want to be another colour? I never want to be your colour because am beautiful the way I am. You are enough, okay?

Little Girl: Nods her head.

Me: Bye.

Are five year olds too young for the truth? Are parents afraid to tell their children the truth?

In my opinion, we need to stop lying to our children, especially when it comes to race and other sensitive issues…of course I appreciate how difficult it is to explain some things but surely there has to be a smarter way… I wondered as I waked away.

Thanks for stopping by 😃

Caroline x

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