Roasted Meat in Odii Sauce


In a previous blog, I introduced odii for sauce and spread. As part of this series, I share a recipe for roasted meat in odii sauce passed down from my grand mother and mama.

Roasted/smoked meat in odii Sauce is a delicacy enjoyed by the Acholi people of Northern Uganda and possibly other tribes. With the free movement of people, the delicacy has spread to even more tribes and possibly regions.

It is the type of sauce my 75 year old Grandma and the women before her instructed me to cook for my husband and family. According to these women, not only is it healthy, but delicious as well. And I couldn’t agree more.

Traditionally, the meat which came from both wild and domestic animals was slowly smoked using firewood. For storage, it would be hung on the roof  in the kitchen for later use and preservation as it continued to dry.

Today, a charcoal stove or grill will roast/smoke the meat nicely too. Although my grandmother swore by the meat smoked using firewood. For this recipe, I chose to use beef.


  • 1/2 kg of beef (serves 2-3 people)
  • Beef stock-any stock of your choice (optional)
  • Onions, cut into small pieces (optional)
  • Tomatoes, cut into small pieces or blended (optional)
  • Salt.


  • Slowly roast or grill the beef till it is well done
  • Cut the beef into pieces (sizes of your choice)
  • To the beef in a pot, add two cups of hot water
  • Bring the meat to boil. Add the salt, onions, tomatoes and any other spices of your choice. Boil for about 10-20 minutes.

Prepare the Sauce

  • To two spoons of odii in a dish, add some soup from the boiling meat while stirring the mixture
  • Continue adding the soup and  stirring till a consistent sauce is formed
  • Add the sauce to the meat
  • Reduce the heat and let the mixture simmer for  1-2 minutes.


In Acholi, it is served with millet bread or sweet potatoes. It can be served with rice, tapioca, corn bread (ugali) or even cassava. I eat it with bread and avocado-my guilty pleasures. Enjoy 🙂

If you have run out of ideas on what to do with your sunday roast remnants, that’s an idea.

Please note: normal peanut butter can be used instead of odii -however it may be sweeter than desired.

Disclaimers: am not a professional chef-but like every Acholi girl-I learnt from the strong ladies before me. The picture was taken using my Samsung phone. I live in a serviced apartment so you will see the same plates/bowls though out this series.

Feedback: it will be great to get some feedback through the comments section or email;

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