A Naked Presidential Aspirant

via Daily Prompt: Exposed

This post is a response to the daily prompt’s topic, Exposed! It is my first time to participate in the daily post’s challenge since I started blogging in January this year, so am excited to rise up to the challenge!


Image credit: Ameen Fahmay


On 3rd May 2017, Diane Shima Rwigara, a 35-year-old Rwandese business woman declared her intention to challenge the incumbent, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda in the upcoming presidential elections.

No sooner had she declared her intention, than evil people  went digging. Digging for any dirt about the ambitious courageous woman, anything that would probably kill her drive, thus political ambition. Anything that would probably turn the public against her. Sure enough, they found nude pictures, exposing a completely naked beautiful Diane in various poses that have now made their rounds on social media including Facebook and various WhatsApp groups. The pictures appear to have been taken in the privacy of a home or house. It is not clear who released them to the public but we know what the intentions are, given the timing.

While it is not un common for many young people to take naked pictures today, I think we ought to be extremely careful because our actions today can have far-reaching consequences in future.

Diane has pledged to tackle poverty, injustice and security problems in Rwanda. It is my prayer that the pictures don’t break her courage and ambition. More importantly, I hope that  women out there specifically in Rwanda can rally behind Diane and overlook the exposed images (if she has what it takes to be president of Rwanda).  I hope also that the voting men in Rwanda can look beyond the exposed pictures, in any case all of us have naked bodies but more importantly, no woman deserves to be ashamed because of her body- naked or not.


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