Conversation with a Jobless Stranger

Stranger: Am looking for job.

Me: Pardon? I look around thinking he was talking to somebody else.

Stranger: Am looking for a job in IT. I have looked everywhere with no luck. He mentions all the online job portals he has used.

Me: If that hasn’t worked, it means you need to change strategy or try other strategies concurrently.

Stranger: He gives me a blank look.

Me: Have you for instance tried networking? It helps to know and talk to people because often times they know somebody who knows somebody who is recruiting.

Stranger: Starts to walk away. Then stops and asks me, are you working yourself?

Me: No. Before I could explain to him what am doing, strategies am using or some people I know who could help him etc, he walked away.

Little did he know that I had tried the same online job portals unsuccessfully and changed strategies. Little did he know that am also in IT and little did he know that I had just come out of an informal interview when I met him.

He must have thought that am a privileged woman who doesn’t need to work or maybe he thought I wouldn’t be able to help him at all in my jobless state 😃

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