Of Joblessness, Optimism and a Second Honeymoon

It is 28th February 2017. I rise at 03:00 am and hastily prepare to go to the airport. At 4:00 am, I bid my love good-bye. I ask him to look after himself well and keep up with our diet. See, we are trying out a reduced carbohydrates diet.

Later that evening, I am in beautiful Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities in the world. My love calls. I sense sadness in his voice as soon as I say hello. I listen keenly as he narrates how his day was. He then asks how I am doing and how my journey was. 

Then comes the bombshell; “honey, I have been laid off work effective today. The company is restructuring and they have decided to reduce the management count to cut costs.”  What, how? Without any prior warning? I am furious and utterly shocked. How could they do this to us?

In December 2016, I quit my job in Edinburgh, put our home on rent, sold our car and most belongings, packed a few items and made the move to Dubai. We were determined to start the new year together, having been apart for 4 years. Little did we know that two months later, we would be jobless and almost hopeless.

Before I could begin thinking about the bills and everything else that was at stake, including our visa situation, I made a choice; I was going to look for all the little bright stars in our otherwise gloomy situation. I made a list of all the potential positives and negatives that could come from our joblessness-a trick my mother used when I was younger.  I was amazed by how long the list of the positives was and it never stopped growing. Of course the negatives almost drove me nuts when I chose to dwell on them. So over the coming days, I would think about each item on my list, specifically chosing to focus on the positives. For some reason, a second honeymoon stood out every time.

As I finalised my errands and one week stay in Edinburgh, my excitement was building up. The excitement for a potential second honeymoon in Dubai.

In January 2011, we were fortunate to have had an opportunity to honeymoon in Dubai. It was the best two weeks of our lives. As luck would have it,  December 31st 2016 found us in our honeymoon city. That night, we sort of renewed our vows and dreamt dreams. As midnight struck, we kissed and looked to heaven, thanking God for the opportunity to be together and for the wonderful opportunities that await us.  February 2017 rendered our dreams and hopes useless- almost impossible.

On 2nd March 2017, my husband picked me up from the airport. He was in a very good mood, so I knew I could comfortably bring up the cheeky honeymoon idea. It sure fell on fertile soil. Our second honeymoon would start the following morning, this time without money, bills to pay and an uncertain future to think about. 

It is five weeks into our honeymoon. I don’t know how long it will last.  I don’t even know if we can survive the uncertainty. What I do know however, is that we are enjoying waking up when we chose to, lying on the couch and watching telly with or without popcorn, having breakfast and lunch together, the evening walks on the beaches, the random picnics etc.  

We are simply grateful for the opportunity to be together. We are grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the little affordable pleasures life is offering us and the little things we often take for granted. Every day reminds us that however gloomy and helpless a situation may seem, there is a little star or more if we look harder and indeed “every cloud has a silver lining”. I hope you see and find a silver lining in your cloud while you wait for it to pass too 🙂

2 thoughts on “Of Joblessness, Optimism and a Second Honeymoon

  1. This is beautiful Carol! It’s always a struggle to focus on the positives but you’ve just reminded us how we can make beauty out of any situation… and things always do work out in time.


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