A Gentleman and a Doorman

As he made his way into the building that houses the grocery store, he looked back to see if there was anybody behind him. There were 10 other people, women and men. All going into the same building. All possibly coming from work, maybe white-collar jobs-judging by their dress codes. This was shortly before 6pm on a Wednesday evening.

As courtesy, would have it, he held the door for the lady after him. Hoping the lady would do the same for the man after her.  She walked right through; not a smile or a thank you. Perhaps she thought he was simply being a gentleman-of course he was, wasn’t he? or maybe a doorman.

He held the door for the man after her. Hoping again, that he would take the hint. He didn’t. He just walked by-again not a smile, a node, a thank you or any form of acknowledgement. He held the door as every single one of them walked through, none smiled, nodded or said thank you. Instead, they all avoided  making eye contact with him.

“What is wrong with these people? he thought as the last of the lot made his way through.


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